The Story

"We love make-up!"
- would be the most convenient answer to the question, "why this business?".

The beauty industry is not just an industry in a business perspective to us nor just a hobby that we'd like to explore. It's a source of empowerment for a lot of people - consumer or business, men or women. There's something about the cor-relationship between beauty and empowerment that inspires us to do this.

Beginning as a simple idea, we wanted to bring what we love to the everyday people. We set out to bring the absolute best in quality to as many people as we can. This meant bringing in top brands that are the most popular that our people can enjoy and feel beautiful in.

Adding to this we felt that we could introduce a more full experience. We have recently decided to introduce our very own line of False Eyelashes to further this empowerment of our customers and bring a greater variety of facial products. This meant taking in feedback from make up enthusiasts and other small businesses in New Zealand and curating a perfect selection that we know our customers will love and enjoy!

So please feel free to browse our store, and we hope you find something that makes you, you! ♡ 
- Liane & Jane