Face Mist


This invigorating, lightweight vegan face mist delivers a burst of instant hydration for dewy, radiant skin anytime, anywhere.

Formulated with ultimate moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid, the Refreshing and Hydrating Skin Snack Face Mist attracts moisture to hydrate skin cells from the inside out.

The blend of plant oils selected for their nutrient-rich properties include almond oil, coconut oil, acai oil, kiwi seed oil, and more. Collectively they support skin health with fatty acids and vitamins (including vitamin A, E, and C) to repair and smooth the skin barrier.


Protection against free radical damage

During the day your skin is in protection mode. It’s busy defending itself against free radical attacks caused by UV light, pollution, stress, smoking, poor diet, and other environmental factors.

These free radical attacks can damage the elasticity and collagen in healthy skin. This leads to sagging, weakened skin which accelerates the signs of ageing. Exposure to UV light, in particular, plays one of the biggest roles in speeding up the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidants are skin saviours. They combat the potential attacks of free radicals and also accelerate skin repair when damage has been caused. This means antioxidants play a very important preventative role in healthy skincare routines - especially to slow down the premature signs of ageing. Using an antioxidant rich face mist spray throughout the day helps boost your skin’s protection against the attacks of free radicals.

Boost hydration

Your skin experiences trans epidermal water loss (moisture evaporating from your skin) throughout the day. While some water loss is normal, changes in the temperature (weather and indoor environments) can cause skin to lose excessive amounts of moisture and the natural oils it needs to function healthily.

Coming into a heated indoor office after being outdoors in a cold and windy environment, for example, can shock the skin. The result is dehydration - even for oily skin types - and increased signs of dryness for sensitive and dry skin types.

Using a hydrating facial mist throughout the day is an instant boost of moisture for parched skin, helping combat the effects of water loss. The best face mist sprays are formulated with hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate - nature’s super hydrators known for their ability to hold 1000 x their weight in water.

You can also spritz face mist on your skin before applying moisturiser or facial oil to boost the hydration.

Refresh Your Makeup

Heading out for the night wearing makeup you applied in the morning? Refresh your look with face mist spray for a dewy finish. Or, if you plan to touch-up your makeup, spray a few pumps of the mist to hydrate skin. This makes it easy to add and blend extra products. Applying face mist after you do your makeup in the morning will also help increase its staying power throughout the day!